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– Less Paper work required

At Kia Kaha Wrecker, we pride ourselves on being able to buy any model of trucks, regardless of its condition. Whether your truck is a runner, non-runner, accident damaged, or an insurance write-off, we are interested in purchasing it from you.

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Benefits of Our Cash For Truck Service

Choosing to sell your truck to Kia Kaha Wrecker presents a multitude of advantages over traditional avenues like private listings or trading in at dealerships. Here’s why it’s beneficial specifically for truck owners:

  1. Efficiency and Convenience: At Kia Kaha Wrecker, we expedite the sale and pickup of your truck, potentially completing the entire process in just 24 hours, ensuring a fast and seamless transaction.

  2. Avoid Advertising and Bargaining: There’s no need to concern yourself with the challenges of listing your truck for sale or entering into tedious negotiations with potential  truck buyers.

  3. Zero Extra Costs: When you sell your truck to Kia Kaha Wrecker, you’re not subjected to any fees or commissions, allowing you to retain the full sum from the sale.

  4. Receive Top Dollar for Your Truck: Our team of experts specializes in trucks removal and will provide a fair and accurate evaluation, ensuring you get the best possible price for your vehicle.

Truck Removal
We Welcome All Makes and Models!

At Kia Kaha Wreckers, our Cash for Trucks service embraces an extensive range of truck makes and models, specifically catering to the diverse New Zealand market. Whether you’re looking to sell popular brands like Fuso, Isuzu, Hino, Scania, Mercedes-Benz, Iveco, Volkswagen, UD Trucks, and Foton, or any other make, we’re prepared to make a deal. No brand is off-limits, and we consider trucks in all conditions — from aging and in disrepair to those in accident-damaged states. 


Our skilled team is proficient in evaluating various types of trucks, providing you with a transparent and fair assessment of your vehicle’s true value. Say goodbye to that unused truck occupying valuable space; contact us now for a complimentary, no-obligation quote, and let us make you an offer that truly reflects your truck’s worth.

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Get Maximum Cash for Your Truck Now !

Eager to convert your unused truck into cash? Get in touch with Kia Kaha Wreckers today for the premier Cash for Trucks service in Auckland. Our specialists stand ready to offer you a no-cost appraisal of your truck and a highly competitive quote. Don’t allow that unneeded truck to occupy valuable space any longer. Reach out to us immediately to initiate the quick and effortless procedure of trading your truck for cash.

Premier Truck Wreckers Auckland

Kia Kaha Wreckers in Auckland, stands out as the Premier Truck Wreckers, dedicated to offering unrivaled services across the region. Our expertise is not just in providing the most competitive cash offers for trucks of any make and model but also in ensuring an environmentally responsible wrecking process. Whether you have an old, broken, or accident-damaged truck, our skilled team specializes in maximizing the value you can retrieve from these unused vehicles. At Kia Kaha Wreckers, we prioritize convenience, offering free truck removal services and handling all the necessary paperwork. Don’t let your unused or unwanted truck burden you any longer — reach out to Auckland’s premier truck wrecking professionals and discover the ease of transforming your idle asset into instant cash.

What Our Cash For Trucks Customers are Saying

We are trusted by local kiwis for removal of unwanted Trucks. We trade cars for money. We pay top cash to our customers. We have thousands of satisfied customers.


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Ready to transform your idle truck into instant cash? Don’t wait! Contact Kia Kaha Wreckers, the leading Truck Wreckers in Auckland, New Zealand, today. Click the button below for a free, no-obligation quote and make the first step towards a clutter-free driveway and a pocket full of cash!

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